Why Paying a Prototyping with Specialist Advice in Mechanical Turning you can Save a Lot of Money…

By | 4 aprile 2016

BoccolaToday I want to share with you an experience of Mechanical Turning lived about a month ago.

I intend to do this, with the only purpose to analyze with you the importance of collaborating with specialist suppliers and the positive impact that this may have in respect of your business.

One of our customers had acquired a big contract for the turning of some kinds of Bushings.

Our customer makes various processes within it, is a large company with a large number of machinery, lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, machining centers, etc etc….

The components were quite similar to that of photography that you can see here on the side.

The only difference is that they were cylindrical both in outside diameter both in internal diameter.

All easy right?

No way.

The criticality of these components were:

  • Roughness on the outer diameter and inner diameter of Ra 0.8

  • Very small Difference between outer diameter and inner diameter

  • Outer and inner roundness of 0.05 mm max

  • Tolerance of outer diameter and inner diameter of 0.05 mm

Nice, right?

Well … If you know how to do it may not be a big problem. …

After receiving communication from the necessity of Mechanical Turning to 10 PCs As prototyping, I sent my offer which also included the machining cycle I wanted to do and all documentation as for procedure.

After trying to explain the effort that entailed prototyping, I had to let him try.

So they decided to machining it internally.

A few days later I get a call in which they told me that they could not meet the tolerance of roundness, asking me if I had any ideas on how to make …

I said that to make me a better idea I needed to know that Mechanical Turning Cycle they had thought.

They answered …

  • Cutting Raw material

  • Turning to the first phase with grip on the outer diameter and Machining The inner diameter

  • Turning to the second phase with grip on the inside diameter and Machining external diameter

Then I asked, “did you use special equipment for taking component?”

They said to me no. ..

After trying to help him with any suggestions has noticed, on his skin, which was better and faster results, entrusting the work to a specialist.

After about ten days, I delivered the 10 required components.

Just received, I was called by the head technician who asked me:

“How did you do that? The roundness is in tolerance. “

Well, I’m not a person who knows everything about everything.

But I work in Mechanical Turning from several years and something I learned … Obviously committing errors.

The success in Mechanical Turning of this particular is due to a partial failure on components that I had worked years ago and that I had been to damn long …

Now I’ll tell you, for what I can, as I did in turning these components.

Of course I cut the tube.

Then I have made a rough turning on all surfaces of the component leaving the minimum allowance of material for finishing as possible.

Then I sent on particular to a company specialized in heat treatment to make a stabilization.

Here is. .. This is one of the most important steps of the machining’s cycle.

I am not able to explain in detail what occurs after the heat treatment of stabilisation in the structure of the material. Let’s say that this treatment significantly reduces the deformation of component during Mechanical¬†Turning.

Don’t believe us?

If you happen to this kind of problem give me the benefit of the doubt … Test My Solution.

Subsequently the component was turned with finite measures required.

Another key point for the success of this type of work, is the closure of the component in both phases.

You must to be able to balance properly the closing pressure and the type of closure, it is not easy, indeed, is the hardest thing to do.

There are no precise mathematical rules.

The result can only be achieved by many trials, and changing one thing at a time, step by step.

In this case, the experience gained by specialization, is fundamental.

Think about that next time you want to save money.

How much will it cost you a week to go mad to produce a prototyping?

My Focus area is the continuous specialization in the field of Mechanical Turning, but unfortunately, I know for a fact that I’m never going to finish.

Would you like to have an idea about what products I work?

Fill out the form on the right, you’ll be sent a link to view the photo gallery of the components that I machining.

Unfortunately I cannot put all photos… Surely you will understand …

Work Hard



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