What Can I Do For You

Hi, welcome …

I created this page with the intention of trying to explain what was my idea that sets it apart.

I work daily with companies, whether suppliers or customers, and I have verified that generally were always two big problems:

  • Skills shortage (they don’t ever admit to not knowing how to do something).
  • Lack of communication

These two aspects, taken individually or even added together, lead, in the long run, to the emergence of very serious problems … Both for the customer and both for the supplier.

I’ll give you some examples:

  • Not being able to give guarantees to the customer to be able to perform some type of processing.
  • Not be able to ensure reliable delivery dates without having dates imposed by the client.
  • Not being able to deliver the offers in a timely manner.
  • Do not give to the customer the information on the production process.
  • Does not inform the customer promptly for any problems.

These are just some of the mishaps that I came across over the years. I could go on for some hours.

With the arrival of the global crisis of 2009 the industrial world was completely transformed.

I don’t knew right away, either for my young age, either maybe because “it had always been done in that way”, it took me a while to find the right path.

Of course, how to make mechanical components is always the same, but I had to do more.

In General, to keep healthy a company, I looked only for sales volume. … Not that this is wrong.

The guidelines were:

  • We take all customers who bring us X € per month
  • Lower prices to take more components as possible.
  • We make millions of offers … Something we will take …

Unfortunately all of this ran counter to … Yes … the Volume of sales:

  • Management and development of a new customer costs money…. To do so, for the equipment needed to produce its particulars …
  • Lower prices to take more possible components leads both to decrease the quality of controls both of the entire production process.
  • Make millions of offers to clients who seek only the lowest price regardless of what you have offered them, inevitably leads to appalling delays in processing of bids, bidding incomplete many vital information, going to penalize gradually all customers.

Everything I’ve said so far is mainly due to the lack of a fundamental factor. My fundamental factor. … THE RELATIONSHIP

Thunderstruck by this chaos and money that hardly coming back I decided to change the system.


  • I started to forget all those customers who have been using as an Office and time so give me the methods work.
  • I started to forget all those customers who were trying to unload on me all their inefficiencies.
  • I changed the way of doing deals.
  • I changed the way we interact with customers and responding positively to the change of methods.
  • I started to concentrate fully on those customers who were willing to recognize our expertise and cooperate for the common good.

The customer who now works with me is a customer who wants to obtain products from me because he knows he can always find a valuable ally who wastes no time.

Is a client that Yes, look at the price, but also the technical documentation attached, where he reads a detailed analysis of the production process, the controls that are placed and the type of packaging.

Have a Partner with skill and specialized companies is the only way to achieve a high level of well-being over time.

Now you tell me. ..

“All well and good, but they are words, how can I trust you?”

You’re absolutely right, there are millions of “talkers” in this world … do something, invest five minutes of your precious time …


I guarantee that after a chat you will have no doubts.

Put me to the test. ..

You will be surprised …

Don’t worry … The coffee’s on me. ..

Work hard