NavySeals Vs Request for Quote for Mechanical Components

By | 14 aprile 2016

IMG_3693Do you remember that time that you sent a request for quote for Mechanical Components to your supplier and then you had to call the NavySeals to get an answer?

Check out the termonuclear software that I use to give you the quote in the timeframe that you require without you having to point to me a gun.

Ahahahaha nice title huh…..

Think of the headlines …

“Breach of Seals in the company XXX that produces mechanical components, the owner has fled in scooter for not doing the offers”.

Aside from the fantasy that is used to write the title, the question of the timing of response to an Request For Price for Mechanical Components is always a speech tricky one.

We have already been able to analyze in a previous article my philosophy in considering offers as real advice, if you haven’t had a chance to read it, I would recommend you to do so soon.

Most companies and especially of buyers believe that, given the long experience, you might have an offer, intended only as a price, fast, “so just look at the piece and you already know how long will it take you”.

The problem is that it’s not exactly like that …

Let’s face it. … From one Professional to another … …

Unless the particular item is not a banality, you cannot make an offer in half an hour, sometimes even in one day.

As you know to make an offer you must:

  • Analyze and request an offer for the suitable material.
  • Analyze carefully all the details of the drawing for eliminate, as much as possible, problems during production.
  • Write a report for the customer and you explain all the problems and analyzing how you intend to resolve them.
  • Establish a machining time.
  • Request the offer for workings to do externally.
  • Calculate the costs and the type of packaging required.
  • Transportation costs.

Needless to go around, To make offers in a serious way, you need some time.

Unfortunately, it can happen that some suppliers delay abnormally to give you the offer.

Has this ever happened to you?

Let’s see why:

  • Are not able to formulate the offer (they don’t have technical instruments necessary).
  • Are processes that thay have never done and they don’t know who to ask.
  • Rely on external offices.

Moving on…

How can you do to avoid this waste of time and money?

  • Choose professional employees and build confidence

Enough? That’s all?

Yes, exactly…


Follow me:

You Cannot collaborate with companies that can’t able to make an offer for Mechanical Components  for manifest incapacity, this results in a waste of money even though at first it may seem to earn more.


Because if they take the job, they do it for the wrong price and when will notice it, they ask more money or they will tell you to talk to other …

About this, I warn you that I came across such a case earlier today. A short write an article about it.

Let’s get back to us …

What does this mean for your business, having a this kind of supplier?

  • Inability to establish automated procedures with the supplier.
  • The inability to rely totally on the supplier.
  • Purchase price does not clear and stable.
  • Possible quality problems.

Not to mention the effort to solicit a response to Request For Quotations.

But, you who work with such dedication, really deserve all these bad things?

Things which do not depend on you or your mistakes.

Now let’s go to the Software that I mentioned in the title.

For decrease computation times the time required to process a particular, I built out of an Excel program, quick and easy.

This allows me to not take time away to those in charge of programming with cad cam and allow me to not have to wait for him to finish the work he’s doing thus decreasing the times for response to the customer.

Another feature I’ve included in this program is the ability to write and then save all those values or processes which are essential for the route.

It is normal, in the field of mechanical, that work should begin after a few months of the formulation of the offer.

This however, might cause problems:

  • What kind of rough and what size I had considered?
  • Which cycle I thought?
  • How I considered for close the price?

Are all questions that might come to mind when you have to work a Mechanical Components after several months.

I have an archive with all the designs, all the work cycles and all procedures of all components that I quoted.

Another benefit that you get from using mathematical models to do the time calculation is that …

Are mathematical …

Very good … but why should you care?

  • The cycle time is correct.
  • You can rely on this safety when, in your turn, you’re going to argue with your client.
  • You are not in trouble with hallucinatory increases just finished the first production batch.
  • You’ll be sure that quality controls will be carried out in accordance with procedure because, of course, have been counted correctly.
  • You won’t get anxiety thinking that your supplier, to retrieve the error, skip testing processes.

The price looks expensive?

This can happen only in case that I wrong The cycle time .

It can happen … no one is infallible. And I certainly don’t have the presumption to be infallible.

I can tell you one thing though …. In more than 10 years of work I was wrong 2/3 times …

Do you happen to receive a quote for Mechanical Components and you were in this situation I recommend … Contact me. …

Take also into consideration which service gives to you the competitors …

Almost certainly the difference is well hidden in there …

Now the ball is in your hands …

You have to decide which business philosophy follow.

Would you like to try all the time who does the lowest price on the market?

You know the Currency impact in the medium to long term may have for your company….

  • Loss of reputation
  • Wasting time (money) in incident management
  • Missed deliveries
  • Appalling delays in the formulation of the offer
  • Lack of seriousness

If you are looking for a valuable ally, I make for you.

Certainly I’m not perfect … But I work every hour of every day to try to be as perfect as possible…

Sometimes we have problems that we don’t know how to fix..

Sometimes, however, we have a solution before the eyes …

Need to know more?

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