Make me an Mechanical Machining Offer, I’ll tell you who you are!

By | 18 marzo 2016


Today I would like to explore with you what, in my opinion, should be a comprehensive offer in all its details. Of course in mechanical machining.

At the time of my great-grandfather … So let’s talk about 1900, there was plenty of work away …
Especially in this area which historically stands for mechanical machining.

There was no Marketing understood as we understand it today.

There were no technologies …. Everything was based on the Relationship.

What do you mean “all based on the relationship”?

It means that the work was commissioned by a friend …

As long as you have a reputation of iron and that the community recognizes in you the exceptional ability in doing your job.

The rest simply didn’t count. …

If you were on the market was because you were honest … doing things as had to be done.

The components were not offered.

It was said … It will cost you more or less X. .. And X then was.

There was respect and trust …

Today there isn’t more …

What counts is:

  • What price you make me. .. (Of course wins the lowest)
  • When you give it to me. … (Of course I’m already late)

What does this mean?

  • At the onset of opportunism.
  • Make a bargain price … So at most then or increase the price or don’t do the components …
  • If the price isn’t right …. jump some control

Well … you know. …

Over the years I have seen:

  • Offers informal but only called verbally …
  • Offerings consist of an email in which was written “for the X/Y code € ../cad ..
  • Offers pretty normal … With the usual data … Price, payment, delivery…
  • Stop.

The mechanical machining of a component can have endless possibilities of pitfalls … Endless requests of our client … And infinite ways to pack the material.

Now you should answer these questions:

  • Do you trust a supplier that in the offer puts the only price?
  • Do you trust a supplier that doesn’t give you confirmation of know-how that particular telling you the route that he thought?
  • Do you trust a supplier that doesn’t tell you how will check your component?
  • Do you trust a supplier that doesn’t tell you how to pack your components?

Simply can’t be trusted. It’s like gambling.

The person who risks, in this case, are you …

If you’re still reading is because the topic interests you.

You, as a customer, you deserve the best.

For this reason I invest heavily in creating and maintaining the relationship.

The report allows me to better understand your needs and make the offer for you.

Over time I’ve seen that every time I analyzed a detail that was not trivial, I lost and I did lose a lot of time to the customer because he called me to find out:

  • How are you doing this? You know…. There is tolerance.
  • How do you check it? You should keep close tabs on these 3 measures …
  • How do you package The components? You know….. They shouldn’t beat. …

Hours spent on the phone … Lost hours on the phone … For me and for them.

Then I decided to do a standard procedure to solve this problem …

I didn’t have to make an offer that was not composed of:

  • The normal form with price, delivery, payment etc. …
  • A form for technical documentation, where I analyzed the work cycle, equipment, possible problems etc etc. …
  • A form for test documentation of the component … (Obviously changeable with the customer).
  • A form for packaging documentation.

So I did…

You told me …

“Yes, maybe for the first offerings … but then everything will be like before.”

You’re wrong…

This way of working is not an exception for a few customer … Is a rule … and I guarantee to you …

The results were outstanding:

  • Reduces the time lost (both mine and those of my clients).
  • Customers could immediately verify the goodness of the execution of the particular …
  • I managed to convey seriousness and competence …
  • Some companies, who are now my customers have chosen me for this …. They hadn’t received offers so detailed.

Of course there is a downside.

Will happen to you to receive 200 requests for offers, all in one day … I’m right?

Well …. In this case, you cannot make offers made according to our procedure.

To tell you the truth I don’t take them even consider.


Simple …. Because it is obvious that are just market research. … It is evident that there is an intention to get a general overview of some detail that you can produce you …

What’s strange about this type of inquiries:

  • Sometimes the number of parts to be produced is too high for your ability.
  • Not all components are suitable for your equipment or are not interested in.
  • Having already made 200 offered by 200 codes the one … you never took a piece to be produced.

This is one of the main reasons why not consider such requests.

We focus entirely on the relationship …

If you come to me. .. It is because you trust to me. .. Not because you are looking for the lowest price …

Work Hard


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