[Danger Deformations] Find out why Your Specialist Supplier of Mechanical Components could avoid Big Problem to Your Project with a Single Consultation, Without You having to Contact the MIT in Boston.

By | 19 maggio 2016

Foto anelliGood morning,

Today I will analyse with you the practical meaning of “consultation on turning machining”.

In common thought (wrong), the company that work in mechanical turning, is seen as a more or less wide of people, trafficking in an oily atmosphere and dodging shavings like bullets, they are forged and they learned skills sufficient to serve the market.

Nothing crazier…….

Obviously I don’t want to say that the experience is not an important factor…..Indeed …

The problem is that today it is no longer possible and no longer allowed to make 10 mistakes to reach the goal.

We say that to be a professional you have to possess the most extensive theoretical knowledge supported by a lot of practice and many case studies.

You must be able to give added value to more or less simple turning operation.

You must be able to correct any errors, inaccuracies and add processes to the original proyects in order to deliver to the customer the best product and the best service on the market.

Here comes the ability to provide a consultation on turning machining.

Now I’ll tell you how I applied this theory last week.

An old client entrusts to me the implementation of 150 centering rings.

The material used is a pipe in Fe510 121 mm outer diameter and inner diameter 93 mm cut to 16 mm thick.

The special ended has 115 mm in outer diameter tolerance 0/-0.035 mm and inner diameter 103 mm worked at 14 mm thick.

My client had thought that a special equipment was sufficient to ensure proper processing and compliance with the required tolerance.

Unfortunately was incorrect.

What would have happened if I had produced the components as my client had thought ?

  • The components would undergo large deformations.
  • The required tolerances were not respected.
  • There would be significant delays while waiting to find a solution.
  • Stationary line due to delays.


What was the consultation on turning machining?

At school, I had studied that the materials are unstable.

For example, the only change in temperature causes an increase or decrease in size.

It is for this reason that the Johansson’s blocks are certified and guaranteed only at 20 degrees centigrade.

Material instability factors are many, one of these is the method by which they were constructed.

Mechanical pipe is one of those materials that are unstable to turning machining due to its method of manufacture.

In addition to theory, as mentioned earlier in the article there is the practice.

Early in my career I had a similar case.

Perhaps because of my young age, or perhaps because of rampant testosterone, I judged insignificant the theory than practice…..I had to try……..

It was a hell. The measures were moving so much that I doubt that the material was alive.

What can you do to avoid this?

In fact the effect of deformation is impossible to cancel … Though it may contain egregiously.

What I told my client?

Just that to get what he wanted I should treat the material to stretch and thermally stabilize the internal structure.

My client was quite skeptical about what I proposed because it entailed increased costs.

After having narrated the experiences of the past he gave me green light.

But I like experimenting So I did not treat 5 pieces.

With the same special equipment to make the components treated I worked those 5 pieces without treatment.

You want to know the difference?

On the treated parts I had a roundness on the outside diameter, measured at 2 points of 0.03 mm.

In the untreated pieces I’d got a roundness on the outside diameter, measured at 2 points of 0.20 mm.

Not a bad change.

One day a gentleman told me:

The continuous study and the ongoing work to achieve excellence will take you to be a better man in all aspects of your life.

I would like to change it to:

The ongoing study, the ongoing work to achieve excellence and surround yourself with people and supplier who think this way, it will bring you and your company to be better.

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