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Learn why your Super hyper Competitive Mechanical Components Supplier could undermine your Credibility and especially your Wallet.

Hi, welcome … As mentioned in the previous post, today I will tell you the experience of a couple of days ago between Me, my client and his mechanical components supplier. In the morning I receive by mail an Request For Price for mechanical components made in brass. Basically, it was a nut with an internal… Read More »

NavySeals Vs Request for Quote for Mechanical Components

Do you remember that time that you sent a request for quote for Mechanical Components to your supplier and then you had to call the NavySeals to get an answer? Check out the termonuclear software that I use to give you the quote in the timeframe that you require without you having to point to me a… Read More »

Make me an Mechanical Machining Offer, I’ll tell you who you are!

Welcome, Today I would like to explore with you what, in my opinion, should be a comprehensive offer in all its details. Of course in mechanical machining. At the time of my great-grandfather … So let’s talk about 1900, there was plenty of work away … Especially in this area which historically stands for mechanical… Read More »