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By | 31 dicembre 2015

Foto Eric 2Welcome to the blog of Maugino S.n.c. Company.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Eric Maugino and I am the owner of the precision mechanical turning company Maugino S.n.c.

The company that I represent is focused on precision mechanical turning to high-value-added components that require careful planning, from raw materials to packaging.

The continued study of requests and customer issues on turning has allowed us to map out and attempt to solve specific needs with specific procedures.

In an increasingly competitive world and not always based on real help and cooperation between the parties, I decided to focus my company on the relationship with the customer.

What are the main issues that have arisen over the years?

  • Some customers were complaining of not being able to communicate effectively and timely with their suppliers causing huge waste of energy and resources.


  • Some customers were unable to take delivery of the ordered products in time and administrative issues as well as the innumerable causing risk of being charged for the line stops.


  • Some customers were complaining about not getting the offers within a reasonable time from their suppliers causing delays in delivery of the offer to their clients and, in some cases, the loss of the job.


  • Some customers were complaining of not being able to agree with their suppliers custom control plans and especially that they cannot be certain about the checks performed, risking to find details that do not conform directly to the Assembly, causing it to block.


  • Issues related to suppliers that use on-call workers or temporary workers, who are all the rage in most engineering companies but that, through no fault, did not have a notable experience and appropriate training to recognize and prevent problems during processing.


  • Find suppliers issues available, capable and equipped to produce parts that require special equipment, avoiding the waste of time due to equipment.


  • Problems related to the lack of their suppliers in obtaining real studies on the most delicate details, packaging to prevent damage during transport and avoid triggering fix managerial, logistic and production related to product replacement.


  • Trouble getting the finished product directly from a single vendor to avoid unnecessary costs of logistics and personnel.

It also happens to you?

In this blog I will try to talk each point and analyse, in detail, what I did and formalized with

standard procedures to handle and try to resolve these issues.

I hope that you want to participate in discussions that will generate or just express your thoughts,

so give me ideas to find solutions for the future. .. Maybe even for your business in the future.

For now, I salute you.

Work Hard



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