A Mechanical presentation letter won’t get you anywhere! Though..

By | 26 marzo 2016

The mechanical sector it would seem a bit

particular, or maybe it’s just because I don’t

know the other sectors.

How can a mechanical company make to earn the trust and esteem of new customers?

Good question….

Too bad it doesn’t have an answer for you …

Let’s say you gain the trust of new clients, especially in mechanical, where everybody does everything, is anything but easy.

You can’t ever understand the Focus area of most of these companies.

Maybe because they don’t have one?

Possible. …

Perhaps because they looking only to attach themselves to any piece of metal that they think could bring some extra cash crate?

Likely. …

Maybe because they don’t want to waste time for figuring out what really the customer need and what are the problems that he intended to solve?


But….We return like a bomb to the initial speech.

Unfortunately it’s true, a presentation letter, in mechanical,  is not enough to acquire new customers.

Although it might serve to stimulate curiosity about a  mechanical company, could lead the recipient to say …

I’m curious to know more.

Right to determine, independently, what is said about that company, how it communicate, that machinery has, which details work and especially, if it can be a valuable ally to resolve some problems.

It is known that a presentation letter can never contain all the information that the recipient would like to know …

And how do you think it can do?

Well, I’d like to find a mechanical company that makes available material, without necessarily having to make calls and expose myself too.

I would like to see videos, to get an idea, albeit approximate, of its modus operandi.

I’d like to read some testimonials…. But reals, With first and last names, and possibly a photo …

They are all good to do everything … Too bad if they tell themself …

I’m sure that you want look at for a while and maybe start to communicate through Social … Just to start with a slightly more informal environment …

I would like to find a mechanical company that ask me what problems I have to solve, not the size of the lots, and when the work begins.

I would like to receive documentation that reassures me about the process that will have my product (work cycle, possible issues, test type, type of packaging, etc etc).

If you read this article is because:

  • Did you get my presentation and it just a little bit intrigued you.
  • Are you by chance on my blog and you have started to read.

If you received a presentation and now you’re here …. I have reached the goal.

Then you decide what you want to do and if you like the way we work.

If you are on my blog for some other reason, well, you can, if it considers this interesting, download the free material that I provide.


  • a document that contains my machinery list.
  • a link to see a video that will show you the photographs of some particular that I work normally.

Look at them … And then, if you want, let us know what you think.

Your opinion is important!

On the menu you’ll find the link to YouTube to watch the videos.

It’s true, you’re right, there are still few.

Unfortunately the work is so much … But I don’t give up. ..

Soon, I hope to begin entering evidence. … I’m working on it. ..

Unfortunately it is not easy to obtain permission to publish others’s data …

All this because I want that anyone reading would have the ability to verify the authenticity of the people who gave the testimony.

Through social you also have the option of following me in a way a little more casual. Although this is not exactly a formal blog …

I think that to have the possibility to solve your problems is my biggest source of income.

So you don’t think never for a second that I don’t care about your problems.

If you’ve already read the previous article (if you haven’t already read it do it now) you will know very well what kind of documentation will be provided in the offer. So I will not dwell …

A presentation letter won’t get you anywhere!

But something’s gotta start. …

Work Hard




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