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Welcome to the blog of Maugino S.n.c. Company. Let me introduce myself, my name is Eric Maugino and I am the owner of the precision mechanical turning company Maugino S.n.c. The company that I represent is focused on precision mechanical turning to high-value-added components that require careful planning, from raw materials to packaging.

[ They are Trying to Cut your Neck ] If you don’t Follow the Advice of a Specialist Supplier of Lathe Machining, Most Likely you may have the Sickle of Death to Two millimeters from Your Neck without even knowing it…. and with out Knowing Who has the Sickle in Hand…

Good morning Gentlemen, Today I will share with you what happened to me this week. But first I want to tell you who will be the protagonists of the story and, more importantly, what role they will have. The main protagonist of the story is called Sauron (the villain of ” The Lord of the… Read More »

[Danger Deformations] Find out why Your Specialist Supplier of Mechanical Components could avoid Big Problem to Your Project with a Single Consultation, Without You having to Contact the MIT in Boston.

Good morning, Today I will analyse with you the practical meaning of “consultation on turning machining”. In common thought (wrong), the company that work in mechanical turning, is seen as a more or less wide of people, trafficking in an oily atmosphere and dodging shavings like bullets, they are forged and they learned skills sufficient… Read More »

NavySeals Vs Request for Quote for Mechanical Components

Do you remember that time that you sent a request for quote for Mechanical Components to your supplier and then you had to call the NavySeals to get an answer? Check out the termonuclear software that I use to give you the quote in the timeframe that you require without you having to point to me a… Read More »